Month: December 2017

Places in your house that you forget to clean

Cleaning is one of the unspoken topics. We all don’t like it but we have to do it so we keep it to ourselves. Even if you are a self-proclaimed clean freak there are a couple of spots in everyone’s house that dust builds up. Here are some unexpected places for you to check on the next big house cleaning day to make sure you don’t miss any sports. 

  • Door frames. Dust collects on any surface and though doors are tall the top still gets covered with a dust layer. Some doors also have a pattern or an elaborate 3D design which can collect dirt. Be sure to dust the top of your door frame and the whole door with a feather duster or soft cloth to wipe any built-up filth. 
  • Rubbish bins! Taking out the bin band does not always means removing the bad odour or smells that filled it. Rotting food can leave awful smells that are not easy to get rid of. Bins need more of a constant effort. Regularly scrub the bin and rinse it out with lots of water.  I usually do this with a shower head or you can use a hose. I would recommend you spray the inside and outside with disinfectant on a regular basis as well. This will ensure you keep a hygienic home.people, housework and housekeeping concept - close up of man han
  • Shower curtain. Is it constantly collecting dirt, mildew and soap scum? It is a very unhealthy way of living. Curtains are collecting germs and it is constantly left in your bathroom where you wash your body and face. At least once a week, with your weekly laundry wash, run it through a washing machine cycle. You can put it together with towels and use your regular detergent. It is also recommended to add a cup of baking soda to liven up your dirty shower curtain.