Most comfy head scarfs for the home

Many Muslim women choose to wear a headscarf, as part of their religious beliefs or for other more personal reasons. Whilst it is not required to wear one at home when in the presence of family members, many women choose to wear one anyway in case they are required to rush out unexpectedly, or have a surprise visitor. Here, we take a look at some of the most comfortable headscarves to wear at home, to help you find something to relax in at home.

Many women choose to buy their hijabs online, as the selection which can be found is amazing. You are sure to be able to find something for all occasions, whether it’s staying at home, running errands or heading out for a special event. A soft cap can be worn under the hijab, to help make it more comfortable. They are also useful for tying the hair up out of the way, and can therefore help keep you feeling more cool and comfortable under your scarf. These caps can be made from different materials, so you are sure to find something which works for you. You should also consider the type of band used for tying the hair up – it should be neither too tight nor too lose. Wearing your hair right can make a huge difference in how comfortable you feel when wearing a hijab.

A special lightweight hijab is ideal for wearing at home. They are comfortable and breathable, and not bulky to wear. Polyester fabric is a good choice, as it is easy to care for and can quickly and easily be washed and dried. A plain hijab is a good choice to wear around the home, and one which can easily be fastened. Or, you could choose one which doesn’t require any pins and can simply be wrapped around the head, perfect for when you need to rush out suddenly.

Hijabs come in different sizes, so for around the home you might like to choose something a bit smaller, so it is lighter and more comfortable to wear. Sheer fabric is also a good idea when looking for maximum comfort at home. Chiffon is great, but jersey is also very comfortable, as is viscose. The type of fabric to choose depends really on what you will be doing, and also how warm or cold it is.…